About us

CathTube is a new Steer Medical partner and will be supplying Etched PTFE and FEP heat shrink for the medical device industry.

Etched PTFE tubing and FEP heat shrink are used in medical device design and manufacturing, particularly for interventional catheters.

Etched PTFE is a form of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that has been chemically etched on the outside diameter to promote polymer adhesion. It also serves to provide a lubricious inner surface that enables the smooth passage of other catheters or of various liquids on the inner diameter.

FEP heat shrink is extruded fluoropolymer tube made from fluoroethylene-propylene copolymer resin that is used to reflow and to shrink down materials when heated. It has great high temperature performance making it ideal for use in medical device manufacturing applications.

CathTube is a proud Steer Medical partner